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Explained: full planning, lawful development, and prior approval

Whether you’re extending or converting, there’s one word that hangs heavy over any residential project: planning.

If you’ve never navigated UK planning policies before, the prospect can be daunting. What approval do you need? What can you accomplish without it? If these questions have you scratching your head (especially in light of the 2020 planning changes), don’t worry, we can help!

What is the Party Wall Act?

If you’re planning building work that will affect a shared wall between you and your neighbours, then you’ll need to be clued up on the Party Wall Act

Permitted Development: Two-Storey Extensions on Homes to be Fast-Tracked From September

Permitted Development rights will be extended to enable homeowners to add up to two additional storeys to their home through a fast-track approval process, the government has confirmed.

The new rules will come into effect by September 2020 to help homeowners gain more living space - with a requirement to carefully consider the appearance of the extension and how this could impact neighbours.

Loft Conversion: Some Tips to Extending Up

Think a loft conversion could provide the extra space you need in your home? This handy guide will explain everything from rules and regulations to costs, insulation, heating and glazing options

9 Extension Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re planning on extending your home (especially as a first-timer), then make sure you avoid these common mistakes for your best chance at project success.

When taking on a home improvement project like adding an extension, mistakes cost money, cause hassle and can leave you feeling dissatisfied with the end result.

Making sure you are aware of the common errors that can derail your project will help you give them a wide berth so you can get the best result possible.

Why Natural Light is Important for Your Home Extension

Extending your home is a great way to add value and improve the flow of your home, but it’s important that this new space doesn’t leave your existing home in the dark

How you can use the equity in your home to fund your project

When it comes to extending or renovating your home, many believe the only way to achieve their project is through the long slog of saving. However, while saving money can never be a bad thing, there are other ways to get your money working harder without the need to wait years and years for results.

As financial services change, there are now a number of options available to homeowners looking to improve their property. To find out what avenues are open to your home, we caught up with Andy Smith of Next Step Mortgages (07958 643792) to get the lowdown...

How much does it cost to get planning permission for an extension?

If you’re about to apply for planning permission, or are wondering how fees have changed over the years, worry not!

We are here to give you the lowdown on all the costs associated with the planning stage of your project.

How to really calculate plot value

How to really calculate plot value

Figuring out how much a building plot is really worth is tricky, and anyone buying land to build on will worry that they’re paying too much.

GRAPHISOFT ships award-winning ARCHICAD 23

GRAPHISOFT ships award-winning ARCHICAD 23

GRAPHISOFT announced today that ARCHICAD 23’s global rollout process has begun. The latest version of award-winning ARCHICAD vastly improves perceived performance of essential processes such as software startup, file opening, working in multi-project environments and switching between different views of the BIM project. The brand-new Opening, Column and Beam tools increase modeling accuracy and interoperability with engineering disciplines.

In these challenging times of lockdown you might find that you need more space!!!

In these challenging times of lockdown you might find that you need more space!!!

We are offering a service so that we can create plans of your property but without doing a site survey.  These plans can be used to add extensions/conversions etc. to your property for

  • Planning Permission
  • Permitted Development 

All you need to do is

  • Sketch
  • Measure
  • Photograph your property 

We will create floorplans, elevations and 3D images of your existing building.  

We can show you your ideas and improvements online.

Once you're happy with the design we will then submit and manage your application (you just pay the application fee)

Please call 07957 350204 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your project and our rates


Building an Extension: A Beginner’s Guide from homebuilding.co.uk

If you’re planning on building an extension read our beginner’s guide on costs, planning permission and more before you start your build

Do you want to use 2020 as a year to unlock your home’s potential

Do you want to use 2020 as a year to unlock your home’s potential. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s easy to get into a rut with your home. To accept it’s flaws, the inconveniences, and to shrug them away as something you’re stuck with.

In 2020, we want to challenge this way of thinking and get more homeowners geared up to take control.

If you’re looking to breath new life into your home, consider these option

  1. Extend your home
  2. Build an Outbuilding
  3. Remodel your layout to create an open plan space
  4. Build you dream home from scratch
  5. Move - You can add value to your current property by obtaining Planning permision for an Extension before you move.

Want to know what’s possible with your home in 2020? Book a consultation now and we will provide a step-by-step plan to make your house a home - what better way to kick start a new decade?

Changes to Permitted Development Rights in May 2019

One of the key changes in the May 2019 regulations is that the new order makes it clear that the regulations make permanent the right to build larger rear single-storey extensions under Class A.

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